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basICColor input 6, Camera Profiling Redefined! Supports 40 Color Targets. Creating Digital Camera Profiles for the two most used applications in photo processing.

and all applications that can use DCP (DNG) and ICC profiles embedded in images, e.g. Iridient Developer.

Photography of original paintings by Christopher Campbell, Profiles by basICColor input 6

In this example, samples of the actual packages were measured with a spectrophotometer to define LAB values. The image was shot, the Digital Camera Profile (DCP) was created from the ColorChecker SG chart in the RAW image, and then it was applied as Camera Calibration (+ white point adjustment) in Adobe Camera Raw. After the image was processed with the new/custom DCP, we then painted shapes over the image and filled them with the LAB recipes that we originally measured.

Review in Le Monde De La Photo, France, 8.5 out of 10 stars.

Review in Fine Art Printer 4/16, Germany.

Blog Netzwerk Fotografie Akademie, Germany.

Blog Color Management Group, USA.


A prominent user, Christopher Campbell. Here is Christopher’s video on using basICColor input to digitize his paintings, An Artist’s Experience with Fine Art Reproduction.