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Steps to produce a colorimetric match in ACR using a DCP (DNG) profile created in basICColor input 6:

Step 1: open Raw file in input 6

Step 2: select CCSG Repro Preset

Step 3: change the suggested profile name to your liking

Step 4: click on “Start Profiling”


Step 5: check results, if you hold the Option key while moving the hover window you will get the average ∆E at the bottom left, the peak on the right.


Step 6: open the same Raw file in Lightroom or Photoshop

Step 7: make sure all controls are set to zero and the White Balance is set to “As Shot”


Step 8: Click on the Camera Icon, then set the camera profile to the one you just created


Step 9: click on the Tone Curve icon, set the curve to Linear.

Step 10: hold the Control key while you click on the histogram at the top right and click on “Show Lab Color Readouts”

Step 11: move the user right curve control to the left until you have an L value of 96 in your white patch

Step 12: click on Open Object

Step 13: save TIFF with embedded profile, in our example it is ProPhoto RGB

Step 14: open TIFF in input 6, hold the Option key to see average and peak ∆E